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Privacy vs. Security

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What is the difference between privacy and security? Good question! If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. These two issues are related—but they’re not exactly the same. Curiosity piqued? Allow us to explain. Two sides of the same data…

How to Prepare for CPRA

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Stay ahead of the compliance curve by proactively prepping for the California Privacy Rights Act.  In 2018, the European Union passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), proving to businesses around the world that consumers are…

Managing Marketing Challenges While Protecting Data

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It may sound counterintuitive, but smart data privacy practices can make both traditional and digital marketing programs more efficient. The rise of e-commerce and social media has forever changed the global economy, and while governments…
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What Tech Companies Are Missing In Privacy

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“Regarding social media, I really don't understand what appears to be the general population's lack of concern over privacy issues in publicizing their entire lives on the Internet for others to see to such an extent... but hey it's them,…
CCPA privacy notice requirements

Cookieless World: Changes Being Made By Apple & Google

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Cookies have been part of the internet since basically the beginning of the internet. As the internet has developed, advertisers have co-opted cookies from their original use and turned them into super data collection machines that track your…
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What Email Marketers Need To Know About Marketing Privacy Laws

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If you’re in marketing, email is probably one of your love languages. It’s a major channel of communication, after all.   But email marketers need to know more about click-through rates and optimizing graphic design for mobile. Marketing…
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Cookie Consent Across Europe

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An international tour of cookies? Sounds delightful after this long year. We're thinking: palmiers from France, Polish torunskie pierniki, Brazilian sequilhos, and kourabiedes from Greece.  Wait, that’s from the baking blog, not the privacy…
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Do I Need a Cookie Consent Banner?

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Cookie banners. Let’s talk about them. They’ve been hanging around websites since 1994. (Basically, Stone Age digital technology.) Just think, how many cookie banners have you clicked past in your digital life without a second thought? (A…
CCPA privacy notice requirements

What Does My Privacy Notice Need To Include For CCPA?

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When privacy policies make it into the news, it’s rarely because people are raving about them. Bad privacy policies are talked about, lambasted for being incomprehensible, unfriendly, and, frankly, unreadable. (Just take a look at The New…
CCPA privacy notice requirements

GDPR Celebrates Its First Birthday: Now for the Terrible Twos

Red Clover Advisors had the privilege to write an article about GDPR's first year and what to expect in year two for the National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC) . The NTSC is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that serves as…