AI Governance

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Managed Services

Key Activities

AI Governance Scoping & Discovery Involves identifying the business processes in your organization that use AI, which typically involves workshops with different business leaders to identify those business units and activities.
AI Governance Develop Policy, Process, and Procedures We will develop an AI Governance policy which identifies the requirements of applicable privacy and AI laws and internal guidelines on the company agreed upon uses of AI. It also will include standard operating procedures, including roles and responsibilities.
AI Governance Create Assessment Templates Customized for your organization, the assessment template will be used to ask business owners about their business process to better understand how AI will be used and the data that is collected, used, stored, and shared with third parties.
AI Governance Software Implementation For companies looking to implement AI governance software, Red Clover Advisors can help you set this up from start to finish. We will make sure that it is customized and works properly for you.
AI Governance Execute & Review Assessment Whether using software or a manual assessment, Red Clover Advisors will review the answers provided by the business owners. During this review, we’re looking for privacy risks related to the use of AI, and we’ll formalize that information into a findings report with our suggested remediations.
AI Governance Training We will provide training on how to either use the software, how to execute an assessment, and what to look for in an assessment.
AI Governance Maintenance, Updates, and Ongoing Assessments We also help with maintaining your AI Governance program and updating it on a periodic basis.

Given the rapid evolution of AI technology, it’s crucial to stay abreast of new use cases and applications. For some companies, this might mean annual updates, while for others, more frequent adjustments are necessary to accommodate continual changes in AI, regulations, and new changes in your business.