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As a OneTrust certified privacy management professional, Red Clover Advisors can help you leverage the power of the OneTrust privacy management software. If your company needs help with implementation or support to conduct data mapping exercises, privacy impact assessments, we can help.

Group Salus, LLC


Group Salus LLC provides a superior and accessible means to protect a company’s most critical asset in a cyber-attack scenario—its reputation. Through its proprietary technology platform and managed services, Salus enables organizations, and it’s key stakeholders, to minimize the damage of a cyber-attack before, during, and after the event takes place. It offers a comprehensive audit to measure a company’s state of preparedness for a cybercrime.

And, its world-renowned communications management team can craft a customized protocol to guide an organization’s response procedures



Red Clover Advisors has partnered with one of the leading cookie consent management tools, CookiePro powered by OneTrust. Need a cookie consent manager? There are free editions and plans starting at just $10/month, CookiePro is a great option for small businesses.

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