Data-Driven Marketing & Privacy Consultancy


Why is it important?
Why is it important?
Today, in the increasingly data centric world, consumers value trustworthiness, privacy, and security. Global regulations like the European Union’s Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) impacts companies that market and target their goods and services to European citizens. GDPR drastically affects how companies market to customers, protect and store data, and conduct business. Ensuring a privacy program that incorporates privacy by design principles is a must to doing business.
Do you understand privacy?
Do you understand privacy?
Data drives marketing and product innovation by personalizing the digital experience for each user. It is crucial to have a strong data strategy that maximizes business opportunities while being privacy-compliant. Plus, providing users with a custom digital experience through data analysis elevates your brand and increases ROI.
Know what data you collect.

Know what data you use.

Learn what data can be used and what data should be used in your marketing, product development and business lifecycles.

Define allowable use cases for personally identifiable information and online behavioral data.

Review your data collection and use practices.

Be aware of the marketing regulations on how you can use this data.

Learn what do your customers believe about your data practices.

Better communicate how you use or protect their data.

Align your business strategy with your data privacy practices.

Review your privacy policy.

Have your employees know about data privacy practices at your organization.

Discuss data privacy with employees.