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Data inventories are required and the first step in complying with US Privacy Laws. They significantly influence the way you construct your privacy notice and individual rights process and policy. There’s no way to create these documents when you don’t know what data you have, how it’s being used, and where it’s stored.

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Data Inventory Excel Template

Do you know what data you collect, use, sell, share, and store?

Data inventories help companies understand the data they have from start to finish. It includes all the third-parties involved and all the systems on which they rely.

It means for each process you have, you know what specific pieces of information you’ve collected about each person and where each of those pieces of information are stored.

Need to take a data inventory of your small business to be GDPR compliant? This template has sample processing activities to help get you started on what to document. Plus, it has a list of fields you need to document for a complete data inventory!