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Welcome to the, She Said privacy. He said, security podcast. Like any good marriage, we will debate, evaluate, and sometimes quarrel about how privacy and security impact business in the 21st century.


Hey Jody Daniels, here I am a certified information, privacy professional, and I help provide practical privacy advice to overwhelmed companies. I’ve worked with companies like Deloitte, the home Depot, Cox enterprises, bank of America and many others. And today we are flipping the script and I have John Corcoran here who has done thousands of interviews with executives, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, and he will be interviewing me. All right, Jodi. Thanks for having me. So in this episode, we’re going to dive into kind of privacy and marketing 101. So some of the common questions that companies have, particularly around email marketing, when you can send emails, when you can’t, cookie notices, which you see on every website, these days are a lot of websites, digital advertising. We’re going to dive into those different topics and answer some of the most common questions that people have.


But first, before we jump into that, this episode is brought to you by Red Clover advisors, which helps companies to comply with data privacy laws and establish customer trust so that they can grow and nurture integrity. Red Clover works with companies in a variety of fields, including technology, SAS, e-commerce media agencies, professional services, and financial services. In short, Red Clover uses data privacy to transform the way companies do business together. They are creating a future where there is greater trust between companies and consumers. You can grab their free guide, how to increase customer engagement in a private world. By going to red Clover, or learn more at, or you can also email All right, Jodi. So let’s hop into this. So first of all, let’s start with email marketing. So maybe some companies that are listening to this, and they’re already doing some email marketing and what are some of the common things that they need to know in order to do email marketing today?


Because I think there’s a lot of confusion around email marketing, what you need to do and what, what you can do as a company. It is. I have this conversation, I feel like every day and the most important piece to understand is quite honestly, where are people coming from so that you know which law it is you have to apply to. So do you have people, for example, coming from around the world and are you actively emailing them? Some companies might get anyone from around the world, but they’re filtering them out. And they know that they’re ultimately never emailing anyone outside of the United States. Other people have a knowingly and purposeful global approach. Some people are just the U S in Canada. So before you can even figure out what you need to do,