Building trust one byte at a time

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Building trust one byte at a time

Welcome to the world of data!

With the rise of technology and the popularity of social media, people’s digital lives are becoming as important as their real ones.

They share everything online with friends, family, and businesses like yours, from their name and location to their birthday and their dog’s birthday! We’re only partly kidding here.

And while this new age has unlocked loads of opportunities for consumers and businesses alike, it poses just as many problems and concerns…

Data is power.

Big companies know this – and so do hackers and enemy states.

Data can be sold for a profit to help other businesses reach out to more potential customers.

Data can also be stolen and used to hold a business to ransom, which happens more frequently than you think.

For all the benefits of a data-driven world, it sure brings a lot of risks.

And people
are learning.

Consumers are growing weary of sharing their personal information.

It’s getting harder to collect and store people’s data to aid business growth and customer satisfaction.

Trust is at an all-time low.

But data could be your ticket to building trust.

If you can prove to your customers that you’ve got their data stored safely and that you’re only going to use it for good, they’ll respect you!

Through privacy and security, you can build goodwill that separates you from the competition and puts you ahead in your niche.

“I don’t know anything about that stuff!” we hear you scream. You don’t have to, because everything you need to leverage privacy and security is in our new book…

Introducing: Data Reimagined

Hi, we’re Jodi and Justin Daniels!

We’re a husband-and-wife team of data privacy (Jodi) and cybersecurity (Justin) experts who have a combined fifty-five years of business experience working with companies of every size as well as governmental agencies.

We’ve read the digital tea leaves…data is about to be reimagined.

What was once seen as a commodity is transforming into a relationship between a customer and a business.

Simply put, consumers see their data as an extension or expression of themselves; how you treat their data is how you treat them.

In Data Reimagined, we’re going to show you how to set up your privacy and security practices to be on the leading edge of data protection and reap all the benefits of that.

You’ll discover:

  • The promise (and danger) of data
  • Why trust is so darn hard – and what tech has to do with it all
  • How to get your head around the latest data laws (including the EU’s GDPR and the US’s many new privacy laws)
  • What the future of data crime looks like so you know what to watch out for
  • The mindset shift to make when collecting your customers’ data
  • And much, much more.

Few executives or business owners have the time or interest to keep pace with evolving privacy and security demands. By reading this book, you’ll be one of those few that understand it, be able to get ahead of the times, and be viewed as a leader in your niche. Not bad, eh?

And before you’re tempted to give this data stuff a miss, listen to this… While it may seem like something “nice to have” right now, laws are already changing and these privacy and security practices are going to become mandatory. Why wait until you’re forced into it when you could be prepared for years? Exactly! Grab your copy of 

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It’s time to take full responsibility for the data you’re collecting and build an unbreakable bond of trust with your customers

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