New 2019 Nevada Privacy Law Update

The CCPA Field Guide: Understanding Individual Rights Under the New Law

Hailed by some to be a landmark law heralding the future of consumer privacy, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will change the way we do business - across all industries - forever. Nicknamed by some GDPR Lite because…
New 2019 Nevada Privacy Law Update

CCPA Proposed Regulations Summary and Key Focus Areas

On October 10, 2019 the California Attorney General released a document of Proposed Regulations for the California Consumer Privacy Act
Fractional Privacy Officer

The Era of the Fractional Privacy Officer and Why You Need One Now

Privacy compliance is the new kid on the block. The first regulation to shake things up was the GDPR. The CCPA followed not long after and now other states such as Illinois, Maine and Nevada are setting up house. It won’t be long before…
New 2019 Nevada Privacy Law Update

FAQs: New 2019 Nevada Privacy Law

The forewarned - and often dreaded - ripple effects of the GDPR are finally rolling in. After the European law went into effect in May 2018, it kicked off a tidal wave of action. In fact, California enacted its California Consumer Privacy…
New 2019 Nevada Privacy Law Update

Key Lessons from the Facebook Data Privacy Scandal: Be Transparent

The recent Facebook data privacy scandal can teach businesses A LOT of important lessons about privacy. Many feel Facebook got a slap on the wrist and didn’t learn its lesson after the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) penalized the social…
New 2019 Nevada Privacy Law Update

Red Clover Advisors and OneTrust Partner To Offer Privacy Management Tools

OneTrust’s powerful suite of privacy management technology allows Red Clover Advisors to bring best in class technology and advisory services to serve small and middle market businesses Red Clover Advisors, a national consulting firm advising…
New 2019 Nevada Privacy Law Update

More than a Sweet Piece of Data: Marketing in the New Age of Doing Business

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash Are you someone willing to take the easy way out? What if you knew you could get away with it? Just a few shortcuts and you're the envy of your fellow entrepreneurs. A few things that aren't…
New 2019 Nevada Privacy Law Update

Marketers Selecting a CDP Must Consider Privacy

Check out Jodi Daniels article in AdExchanger on what marketers should consider when selecting a CDP.
New 2019 Nevada Privacy Law Update

5 Reasons Privacy Is More Than A One Trick Pony

If you haven't begun to consider privacy beyond the GDPR checkbox, take ten minutes to read this before you smugly announce you've "done that already". These five reasons could not only save you the hassle of being oh-so-very-wrong, when treasured…