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The Role of AI in Employee Training and Development

AI is the shiny object of the business world right now. Everyone’s looking at how artificial intelligence could help (or harm) their industry. But in this case, AI kind of deserves to be the shiny object. It’s a rapidly evolving sector,…
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One Tough Cookie: Understanding Cookie Consent Platforms and How to Use Them

In a world where digital information zips around faster than a kid who has eaten one too many holiday cookies, personal data is a hot commodity. Except that, for the individuals to whom the data belongs, it's not a commodity. It's part of…
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How to Measure Your Privacy Program

There’s no getting around it—implementing and updating a privacy program can feel overwhelming for many businesses. Every year, more and more states enact new data privacy laws, and the established ones continue to be revised, as well. It’s…
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Cracking The Code: Safeguarding Your E-Commerce Site from Malicious Threats

E-commerce businesses collect a lot of personal information from their customers.  Think about it—if a customer has an account with an online clothing store, that store probably has their credit card information, home address, phone number,…
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What Your Data Privacy Management Software Should Include

No matter your industry, no matter the purpose, picking out software probably doesn’t make your list of exciting Friday night activities.  Sure, there are a few people who will break out a bucket of popcorn and a frosty beverage as they…
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A Guide to Privacy Impact Assessments

Until recently, privacy impact assessments (PIAs) were mostly just requirements for U.S. government agencies like the Department of Transportation or the Federal Trade Commission. But today, more and more businesses around the United States…
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Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Top 10 Tips

October isn’t just about pumpkin-spiced lattes – it's also Cybersecurity Awareness Month! In a world where cyber threats are leveling up, fortifying your online presence is essential. At Red Clover Advisors, we’re on a mission to empower…
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Your Cookie Maintenance Checklist for 2023

Legos are a darling to the toy world. And why not? They're colorful, versatile, and can entertain a child for literal hours. Yes, there is the ever-present threat of stepping barefoot on one in the middle of the night, but they’re generally…
A Guide to Employee Data Privacy

A Guide to Employee Data Privacy

There are many ways to keep your employees happy and satisfied with working for your business. Some are small—a well-stocked snack bar and complimentary Starbucks runs are almost universally appreciated. Some are meatier—robust paid leave,…
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Privacy Risks of Using AI for Your Business

AI is becoming increasingly mainstream as potential business use cases increase almost daily. We’re only seeing the technology in its infancy, and it’s already changing how we work.  That said, AI—specifically generative AI—is still…