Indiana’s Consumer Data Protection Act

Indiana isn’t quite the Wild West, but it’s still home to notable outlaws. In 1866, the first moving train robbery in U.S. history was staged in the state of Indiana. Notorious gang members, John and Simeon Reno managed to stop a training chugging through the vast fields of Jackson County, absconding with $13,000—a veritable fortune in those days.

The Reno brothers inspired countless other bandits, as well as new strategies for protecting valuables being transported, including massive safes, special boxcars carrying armed guards, and horses that could run down outlaws. These measures ultimately made train robbery a less lucrative—and much riskier—undertaking.

Today, the landscape is dramatically different. Instead of protecting trains full of precious metals, we’re more concerned about safeguarding another valuable commodity: personal data. One of the newest consumer data protection measures on the horizon is the Indiana Consumer Data Protection Act (INCDPA).

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