OneTrust’s powerful suite of privacy management technology allows Red Clover Advisors to bring best in class technology and advisory services to serve small and middle market businesses

Red Clover Advisors, a national consulting firm advising businesses on operationalizing privacy as a competitive advantage, today announced a partnership with OneTrust, the largest and most widely used dedicated privacy management technology company. Red Clover Advisors can now provide further value to its clients through this partnership with OneTrust.  

“Global privacy compliance especially under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) should be a key priority for organizations today,” said Red Clover Advisors CEO and Privacy Consultant Jodi Daniels. “Understanding how to start complying with privacy laws, building a sustainable foundation, and extracting value through good privacy practices are essential especially for small and middle market businesses. Our partnership with OneTrust enhances the services we provide to our clients.”    

Red Clover Advisors’ relationship with OneTrust will enable consultants to leverage the full OneTrust software platform including Assessment Automation (PIAs/DPIAs), Data Inventory Mapping, Cookie Consent and Website Scanning, Data Subject Requests/Consumer Rights Requests, Universal Consent Management and Incident & Breach Response..  

Since CCPA is coming in six months, now is the time for companies to get started understanding their readiness and begin their data mapping activities.  “Red Clover Advisors can use the OneTrust Assessment Automation to create a baseline for what a client’s next steps are per the law’s requirements. The Data Mapping tool will help companies document in a central repository the data elements, flow of data through the organization, security measures and any identified risks” said Ms. Daniels. “Compliance with CCPA and GDPR also requires ongoing maintenance such as updates to the data inventories. OneTrust’s software makes it simple to use assessments to identify any updates necessary and changes can easily be made in the data mapping module.” 

“Together with Red Clover Advisors we can help their clients address challenges, mitigate risks and create a foundation for privacy compliance,” said Alex Anderson, Business Development at OneTrust. “This partnership will provide small and medium sized businesses deeper understanding about their privacy compliance needs and develops a right-sized practical approach to serve them.  Bringing together OneTrust technology and Red Clover advisory supports these businesses as they develop a dynamic privacy program that adapts to the changing privacy regulatory environment.”

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About Red Clover Advisors

Red Clover Advisors creates customized and affordable privacy programs to fit the size and diversity of each business. Red Clover Advisors, a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, is a privacy consultancy dedicated to understanding the ins and outs of balancing customer data collection and use, GDPR, CCPA, and US privacy law compliance, operationalizing privacy, digital governance, online data strategy, and much more. Red Clover Advisors makes the most complicated data privacy practices simple, helping businesses build trust with their customers.  Red Clover Advisors believes privacy is just good business.

About OneTrust

OneTrust is the largest and most widely used technology platform to operationalize privacy, security and third-party risk management. According The Forrester New Wave™: GDPR and Privacy Management Software, Q4 2018, OneTrust “leads the pack for vision and execution.” Additionally, Fast Company named OneTrust as one of 2019’s World’s Most Innovative Companies.  

More than 2,500 customers, both big and small and across 100 countries, use OneTrust to implement their privacy, security and third-party risk programs, automatically generating the specific record keeping needed to demonstrate compliance with privacy regulations including the EU GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Brazil LGPD, and hundreds of the world’s privacy laws. 

OneTrust’s 700 employees are located across co-headquarters in Atlanta and in London with additional locations in Bangalore, Melbourne, Munich and Hong Kong. To learn more, visit or connect on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook

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