The right-sized data privacy
solution for small business

The right-sized data privacy solution for small business

Even if you’re a very small business, your customers’ privacy is still a really big deal. If you’re just one person with one customer, the law still sees you as a guardian of that customer’s data. That’s one heck of a responsibility.

Maybe you’ve been so busy managing day to day, you’ve hardly thought about privacy at all. Or maybe you have the gnawing feeling you need to deal with it, but you don’t know where to start.

Running a business is mysterious enough. We can demystify customer privacy for you.

Drawing on our team’s extensive knowledge of the privacy landscape and our 20+ years of business experience and in our specialty helping companies operationalize privacy, we’ve put together the perfect, value-priced toolkit for small business. It gives you access to world-class expertise in a streamlined package that’s actionable, affordable, and practical to use.

With our PrivacyOps Package, you’ll get a comprehensive set of tools that will make you feel like a privacy expert and show your customers their privacy matters to you.

Here's what's inside:

Free Privacy Ops Assessment Checklist

In just a few minutes, this tool will show you where you stand as a steward of your customers’ data. It covers some of the most important basics:

1. Which laws apply to you – such as the EU’s rigorous GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law, or U.S. laws in states such as CA, VA, CO, CT, UT
2. Requirements you should be meeting right now – such as privacy notices to your customers, maintaining a documented data inventory, and how to honor individual rights requests
3. Cookies – Should you even have a cookie banner? Should you be taking an opt-in or opt-out approach to cookies?

It also covers other obligations you may not even know you have related to the security of your customer data, your collection of that data, how you’re using their data, and more.

Basic Website Privacy Notice

This is a basic privacy notice you can use right now. (Did you know this is required by law?) We’ve put together a notice that will put you in compliance with most data privacy laws. And if you need it tailored for your business, we have the industry experience to craft a notice that works for you and your customers. We’ll offer guidance and ask the right questions to ensure your notice complies with any state or other particular laws which may apply to your business. *

Individual Rights Requests Playbook

If you haven’t received one of these requests already, brace yourself. Did you know that under these new and evolving privacy laws, your customers have the right to ask you what data you collect on them and how you’re using it? And you need to have an answer ready quickly—typically with 30-45 days, and in writing. This abridged version of our more extensive Individual Rights Playbook will help you think about what process you should have in place. Plus, you’ll rest easier knowing you won’t have to scramble to put a written policy together when someone asks for it.

Data Inventory Template

If someone asked you what customer data you’re collecting, using, storing and possibly sharing or otherwise using without proper permission, would you look like the proverbial deer in headlights? Do you have a defensible business purpose for collecting and using the data? This tool walks you through how to think about your data collection processes and what you need to document so you have a full view of your customer data.

Two 30-Minute Phone Consultations

with one of our experts*

We’ll use these sessions to review the tools and how you can put them to best use. We’ll also talk through the concrete steps you can take to implement a data privacy program and answer the questions you’re sure to have.

Big Trust, Big Value

Our PRIVACY OPS package is designed to make these tools affordable and accessible for virtually any small business owner.

At only $3,000, this toolkit represents more than a $15,000 value compared to
our a la carte service and our more extensive corporate privacy programs.

Helpful Bonus Tools

Marketing Tips

We’ll send you a bevy of tips you can use to make sure customer privacy is accounted for in every step of your marketing.

Video: Privacy as A Selling Point and How It Creates Customer Trust

We’ll go beyond mere compliance to share how a string privacy program fosters trust from your clients and can improve your bottom line.

Cookie banner language you can start using right now, plus guidance on current practices

This includes ready-to-use language, created by our team of experts, that you can add to a pop-up cookie banner to help you comply with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other laws. We’ll also offer guidance on when to use opt-in vs. opt-out and how to avoid some of the more common mistakes companies tend to make.

This includes ready-to-use language, created by our team of experts, that you can add to a pop-up cookie banner to help you comply with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other laws. We’ll also offer guidance on when to use opt-in vs. opt-out and how to avoid some of the more common mistakes companies tend to make.


The perfect, value-priced data privacy toolkit for small business.

What's Included In The Privacy Ops Package:

Every business owner is responsible for guarding their customer's data and privacy in our digital world. Our Privacy Ops Package demystifies customer privacy so almost any small business owner can access world-class data privacy expertise.

If you are a small business owner who has been too busy managing the day-to-day to even think about customer privacy. Or, if you have been thinking about customer privacy for months and don't know where to start, the Privacy Ops Package is the perfect, value-priced toolkit filled with actionable steps you can take today.

Build Customer Trust Today

*We also offer a comprehensive array of consulting services. If you would like to tailor these services or tools beyond the PRIVACYOPS package offering, we’d be happy to discuss additional solutions to meet your needs.

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