Oregon Consumer Privacy Act

From lush forests to scenic coastlines, Oregon’s landscape boasts unique terrains fit for movie sets. Nestled within this captivating backdrop stands Crater Lake – the deepest lake in the United States, formed more than 6,500 years ago within the remains of an ancient volcano.

But Oregon’s uniqueness extends well beyond its terrain. The proud residents of Beaver State own a whopping quarter of the nation’s llama population. If you’re into ghost towns, you’re in luck because Oregon takes the crown as the ghost town capital, with over 80 on the national register. Oregon is also home to Tillamook, the world’s largest cheese factory. And If cheese doesn’t tickle your fancy, maybe hazelnuts will, with over 99% of the entire U.S. commercial crop of hazelnuts, the state’s official nut, grown in Oregon.

Oregon embraces its unique charm and characteristics, so it’s no wonder that it recently passed a new consumer privacy law (OCPA) that contains unique and notable differences from other state privacy laws.