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San Francisco golden gate bridge with text overlay CPPA Enforcement Advisory: Data Minimization in Privacy Rights Requests

CPPA Enforcement Advisory: Data Minimization in Privacy Rights Requests

The California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) published an enforcement advisory April 2, providing insight on companies’ data minimization obligations related to consumers’ privacy rights requests under the California Consumer Privacy…

Adapting Privacy Training to Evolving Regulations

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It’s a well-known fact that employees love any and all training sessions. A particular favorite, according to internet sources, is privacy training. Just kidding.  Employee training is a frequent source of office jokes and memes. Maybe…
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4 Trends to Watch in Consumer Protection Laws

Complying with shifting data protection laws can sometimes feel like that dream you have where you’re in a ship full of leaks, the water is coming in, and you’re struggling to plug all the leaks so you don’t sink.  Maybe that’s a…
Fractional Privacy Officer vs. Virtual Chief Information Security Officer blog header

Fractional Privacy Officer vs. Virtual Chief Information Security Officer: What is the difference?

Privacy and security can be likened to the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich combination. Just as peanut butter and jelly, each brings their unique flavors to create a well-loved snack, privacy and security serve distinct, yet complementary,…
data privacy day 2024

Nurture a Year-Long Privacy Culture Beyond Data Privacy Day

In case you haven't heard the word, January 28th is Data Privacy Day – a global initiative to promote privacy and data protection best practices for consumers and businesses. As we approach Data Privacy Day this year, companies across the…
Privacy Health Check

Prepare for 2024 with a Privacy Health Check

As we plunge into 2024, it's prime time for organizations and their teams to set business growth resolutions and give their privacy health a little TLC. Analyzing your privacy health begins with two key questions. Are there any recent developments…
Boost Your Business with these 8 Privacy Tips Blog Image

Boost Your Business in 2024 with These 10 Essential Privacy Tips

The new year brings lots of opportunities for business.  New marketing initiatives. New product launches. New partnerships. And, hopefully, lots of growth and happy new customers.    Yet, amid all this opportunity, have you considered…
the role of ai in employee training and development blog image

The Role of AI in Employee Training and Development

AI is the shiny object of the business world right now. Everyone’s looking at how artificial intelligence could help (or harm) their industry. But in this case, AI kind of deserves to be the shiny object. It’s a rapidly evolving sector,…
cookie consent blog image

One Tough Cookie: Understanding Cookie Consent Platforms and How to Use Them

In a world where digital information zips around faster than a kid who has eaten one too many holiday cookies, personal data is a hot commodity. Except that, for the individuals to whom the data belongs, it's not a commodity. It's part of…
how to measure your privacy program blog image

How to Measure Your Privacy Program

There’s no getting around it—implementing and updating a privacy program can feel overwhelming for many businesses. Every year, more and more states enact new data privacy laws, and the established ones continue to be revised, as well. It’s…