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What You Need in Your Privacy Notice

Website privacy notices have been around for a long time, but good privacy notices?  Those are pretty new. Historically, online privacy notices have been boilerplate documents with pages upon pages of legal jargon that an ordinary consumer…
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How ESG Can Drive Your Privacy Program

ESG programs are the future of corporate social responsibility. But they’re also the future of consumer trust—and sustainable data privacy practices.  ESG might seem out of left field for privacy philosophy, but its foundations are a…

Trust: The New Currency You Should Be Investing In

Have you ever heard the saying “money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on?” It’s one of those idioms that’s both true and not true at the same time. We’ll never turn down a crisp $50 bill, but that bill is objectively worthless.…
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Utah Consumer Privacy Act

Utah may have been the 45th state to get a star on the Star-Spangled Banner, but it’s at the forefront of data privacy in the US. As the fourth state to pass a comprehensive privacy law governing how businesses can collect and use consumer…
Data Privacy Automation

Protecting Your Crown Jewels: Why Data Privacy Automation Matters

Every aspect of our daily lives, from shopping to healthcare delivery to communication to banking, is moving online. This transition to digital means that consumers’ personal information is worth more than the Crown Jewels of the British Empire. Think…
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Third-Party Risk Management

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Oldest children around the world often bond over a specific shared memory.  The parents are gone, they’re in charge, and their younger siblings sneak off to the basement to watch the new, scary movie that just dropped. The normally responsible…

Pencils & Erasers: How Trust Is Leading the Privacy Conversation

“Everyone makes mistakes. That’s why pencils have erasers.” It’s a pretty common saying, and while it’s not wrong, it leaves out one important fact.  Erasers are much smaller than pencils. Only so many errors can be rubbed away…
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Introducing the Newcomer to the Data Party

There’s a party, and you’re invited! “Who’s coming?” you ask. Well, we don’t really know. “Who’s throwing it?” you say. Kind of no one. “Umm . . . I’m confused. Is this actually a party?” you respond. It…

What Is Data Minimization?

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Do you remember going to your grandparents’ house as a kid and pulling out a kitchen drawer jam-packed with expired mayonnaise and ketchup packets from a dozen different restaurants? Or opening a closet door . . . and having hundreds of gift…
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What Are Data Clean Rooms?

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The famous organizational theorist and management consultant Geoffrey Moore once said, “Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway.” Consumer data is the lifeblood of our modern, digitized economy. It drives…