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Who We Serve

A Customized, Affordable Privacy Program That Will Give You Loyal Customers for Life


Small Business


“Privacy is important, sure, but with all the new regulations and ever-changing laws, it’s hard to know where to start. We don’t have a big budget like the major corporations to just make this someone else’s problem or the time to figure all out on our own. We need a straightforward step-by-step solution we can start implementing right away that we can actually afford.”



“We rely on the data we collect and sometimes even third party data to grow our business. We consistently work with new vendors for our marketing campaigns. We value privacy, and don’t want to get on the wrong side of the law, but we also don’t want these new regulations to get in the way of our goals.”



“I have to protect my company against any chance of a data breach. Not only are the fines potentially crippling, our access to capital could be compromised. A data breach can prevent us from getting a loan or investment. Our stock price or valuation could suffer, not to mention our reputation. I need a solid plan in place to make sure that doesn’t happen.”



“With so many databases, servers, cloud providers, and an expanding technology stack, it’s hard to keep track of where all our data is. Cybersecurity threats have also become an increasing concern. I need a system that helps me keep track of all my data so my company’s privacy and security program is one I believe in 100% and my customers know they can count on.”

Make sure your business is one they can trust!

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