GDPR is not your enemy

Every time you see those four letters together you feel overwhelmed though.

At least once they’ve made you want to close your laptop and run for the hills.

You’ve probably lost countless hours scrolling through the “free” information available online wondering who to trust.

Sound familiar?

I’ve got something that will change that.

Are you using…

Email Marketing
to sell products and services

Affiliate Links
to earn money

Facebook or Google Ads
to promote your business

Are you a coach, a blogger or a digital marketer?

Then GDPR will also apply to you!

I’m Jodi Daniels, a Certified Privacy Professional.

I provide practical business advice in simple terms. Unlike an attorney, who often leaves you more confused than when you started, I break the seemingly impenetrable fortress of GDPR down into the pieces specifically relevant to your business, and in language you can understand.

For a fraction of the cost.

I know just how much you want to send that marketing email. I know the work you put into crafting it, and the panic that ensues when you read your campaign strategy is no longer a viable option. I’m not only a consultant— I run my own business too. I rely on the same means you do to reach my audience.

Unlike a free template, or a vague checklist of yes and nos, I won’t leave you hanging, armed with information you don’t know what to do with. I have worked with corporate moguls, fledgling solopreneurs, and everyone in between. I can teach you what you need to know to remain compliant under GDPR without compromising your engagement. How to actually use GDPR to your advantage so you not only continue killing it in your business, but also get ahead of the competition who are still playing guessing games.

Your GDPR Secret Weapon Workshop includes:


90 Minute LIVE Workshop on Privacy Notices
Privacy notices are unfortunately more complicated than most people realize. GDPR has a long list of requirements and, for the average person who doesn’t swoon at the idea of pouring over regulations, it isn’t very transparent how to meet all of them.

Our 90 minutes together will be organized by the major topic areas. We will go section by section outlining what you need to know and answer any questions that arise. I will walk you through the process of creating the privacy notice and arm you with a solid framework that clarifies exactly what needs to go into it and why.

You will be provided with a workbook that will help you structure your privacy notice, as well update it as your business grows, so by the end you will have all the crucial pieces intact to create it.


90 Minute LIVE Workshop on Landing Pages
The second workshop focuses on revamping your marketing opt-ins and freebies. Our entire concept of email marketing and how we have been approaching it is going to flip under GDPR. There will be demanding requirements in place regarding how consent is obtained moving forward.

Don’t freak out! I’ve got you covered. Stay with me.

During our 90 minutes together, we will explore each of the different consent requirements and how they apply to your business and lead magnet. I urge you to bring any examples you’re unclear on so we can go over why these can or can’t work now, and how to adjust them.

I promise you’ll leave with the confidence you need to adjust your offers — and create new ones— so your landing page continues to seamlessly convert.

This is an incredible value even if you can’t attend live – barely the cost of an hour’s time of 1:1 work and a fraction of a legal bill!

Privacy Notices

Like most people, you’re probably wondering why you can’t just use a free template and be done with it.

Your business isn’t that complicated, right?

As someone who has worked with privacy notices for the last seven years, I’ll let you in on a little secret— if you ever get in trouble, this will be what protects you.

Do you really want to leave that up to a free template that knows nothing about your specific business?

I didn’t think so.

Did you know both Facebook and Google ads have specific requirements for what you need to have in your privacy notice to be compliant? It is essential for all digital marketers to be familiar with these — and to be sure they’re included – when selling an ads program so neither you or your clients are at risk.

Jodi is a GDPR mastermind! Her breadth of knowledge on the subject is incomparable, and she has an incredible knack for being able to break down even the most complex pieces so that they make sense. She managed to make something I dreaded having to implement a total breeze. I now have a solid plan in place that I don’t have to second guess. Can’t recommend her enough! Emma Collier

Story Coach, The Yes and Story

Webinar vs Live Workshop

Unlike a webinar full of generic information, these workshops will be live and tailored to you.

I will be there to answer all your questions as they relate directly to your business and make even the most bewildering parts of this easy to understand.

By the end of these two live workshops, you’ll have everything you need to use GDPR to your competitive advantage.

This means

  • No more uncertainty.
  • No more endless scrolling and wasted hours trying to piece it together yourself.
  • No more leaving this up to chance.
  • You get to celebrate your win and get back to doing what you love.

Thanks to Jodi’s super helpful and detailed videos I am getting clarity on what GDPR means for my business and what I have to do to get ready for it. 
Even though I thought it would be boring as can be, thanks to Jodi I am now familiar with the different aspects of GDPR and I even found myself explaining it to other business owners! 

Esther de Boer

Founder, ShootZilla

“I’m still not sure I can afford it right now…”

While you undoubtedly can see all the value here, there may be a part of you that’s still resistant. A part of you that’s still swooning at the idea of the free template because, well, you need to pay rent.

We’ve all been there.

Running your own business comes with its ups and downs, periods of thriving and periods of reassessing, growing in a new direction, and the need to be more conservative with our investments.

I don’t want this to hold you back from being able to attend. I don’t want you to second guess your choices with something this vital.

I know you can use this to propel your business forward.

Therefore, I’m offering a two payment plan option where you can pay just $229 now and $229 next month.

Consider this:

Do you want to be vague the next time a client asks you if you’re GDPR compliant?

Wouldn’t you rather have the confidence this investment in your business will give you to answer with the resounding YES they need to choose you without a second thought?