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Below you will find the entire scope of our privacy services broken down into their relevant categories. Yes, some of the terms are pretty technical. If you find yourself wanting to back away slowly, we promise you’re not alone. We have to keep the legislative lingo here so that those who are well-versed with the terminology can see we’re the real deal. If you don’t understand something, drop us an email or, even better, arrange a free consultation and we’ll break it down together.

A well thought out privacy strategy can be your competitive advantage. It can make the difference between customers for life and fickle window shoppers. Show them that you care enough to keep their secrets safe before they have to ask.

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Our Principal Service Offerings

GDPR Services
US Privacy Services

Gap & Maturity Analysis – An online based questionnaire to one or multiple subject matter experts to assess compliance with privacy requirements. Final deliverable will include detailed findings, prioritized recommendations and privacy program maturity evaluation.

Data Inventories – Assist in performing data inventories and periodic updates to identify and document the complete flow of personal data. Includes Article 30 reports where required.

Privacy Impact Assessments – Create and perform privacy impact assessments for new products or marketing campaigns.

Individual Rights – Design and assist with the implementation and testing of a data subject access / individual rights request process.

Digital Marketing – Evaluate compliance of digital marketing tools (e.g. analytics, advertising, email) by ensuring personal information is not being stored unnecessarily, data is anonymized, and only required data is captured.

Cookie Consent – Provide a vendor evaluation, establish a risk based approach, and assist with the implementation of the selected cookie consent tool.

Agency Partner Compliance – Review your marketing agency to ensure their tools are privacy compliant

Policies – Create or update privacy notices, information governance, and security policies.

Privacy Program – Design, build and implement a privacy program scaled to your business

Vendor Management – Analyze and update the vendor management process for new and existing vendors including vendor assessments, Data Protection Addendums or vendor agreements.

Youth Marketing – Analyze and propose any changes that need to be made for a business to appropriately target children (under 16 in many jurisdictions)

Ongoing Maintenance – Assist with ongoing updates to processes, data inventories, and perform privacy impact assessments.

Privacy Technology – Assist with the evaluation and implementation of third party privacy technology vendors such as assessments, data management, consent tools, reporting of processing activities, data security and more.p

External Data Protection Officer (DPO) for US companies – For companies based in the US, we can serve as an external DPO.

Privacy As A Service

Red Clover Advisors is here to support you in the following roles:

Fractional Privacy Officer – Rather than hiring a full-time privacy employee, we can serve as a Fractional Privacy Officer.

GDPR, CCPA or Privacy Project Lead – We are available to serve as a Project Lead for any privacy related projects.

Privacy Advisor – We provide ongoing regulatory updates, communicate pending legislation and regularly scheduled touch points.

Leader for Tabletop Exercises – We will practice how your organization will respond to a data breach incident or an individual rights request.

Digital Data Strategy

Privacy Compliant Data Strategy – Identify how to maximize the data collected so your business thrives without breaking any laws.

Data-driven Digital Marketing Strategies – Identify how to create privacy compliant digital marketing plans using first or third party data giving you a competitive advantage.

Pixel Governance – Create a process that centralizes the placement of web pixels, minimizes data leakage and reduces privacy and security risks

Training & Workshops

Executive and Employee Privacy Training – Offer customized privacy training held via webinar or an in-person seminar to educate employees and meet privacy law requirements.

Strategy Session on Privacy Issues – Identify what kind of data you can and should use that ensures you meet your goals and maintains customer trust.

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