DIY GDPR Secret Weapon Compliance Kit

GDPR is not your enemy. Every time you see those four letters together you feel overwhelmed though.

At least once they’ve made you want to close your laptop and run for the hills.

You’ve probably lost countless hours scrolling through the “free” information available online wondering who to trust.

Sound familiar?

I’ve got something that will change that.

This DIY Kit Includes…


Privacy Notice Workbook, Privacy Notice & Cookie Notice Templates

Your Privacy Notice needs to follow a certain format. I will help you break down each section into simple terms using the workbook. You will then have all the information you need to use the privacy and cookie notice templates!

Email Marketing

GDPR changes how you will communicate to your audience. We will go step by step so you are sending GDPR compliant emails.

Data Inventory Template

An easy to use sheet to help you document what data you collect, how you use it, where you share it and other GDPR requirements



Simple questions designed to guide you on Cookie Consent, Data Security, Individual Rights & Vendors

Searching online for help to guide me through the GDPR Compliance maze, I came across Red Clover Advisors and Jodi Daniels. This fortuitous find, Jodi’s availability, her GDPR Compliance Workshops and DIY Compliance Kit made our company’s compliance process a breeze. Thank you, Jodi!

Nancy Fike

Faire, Inc., Austin, Texas

A DIY GDPR kit with all the essential templates to help you get ready for GDPR fast and painless.  Complying with GDPR is Your Secret Weapon in business!


I’m Jodi Daniels, a Certified Privacy Professional, and I love to help provide practical business advice to you in simple terms. Unlike an attorney, who often leaves you more confused than when you started, I break the seemingly impenetrable fortress of GDPR down into the pieces specifically relevant to your business in language you can understand.

For a fraction of the cost.

I know just how much you want to send that marketing email. I know the work you put into crafting it, and the panic that ensues when you read your campaign strategy is no longer a viable option. I’m not only a consultant— I run my own business too. I rely on the same means you do to reach my audience.

Unlike a free template, or a vague checklist of yes and nos, I won’t leave you hanging, armed with information you don’t know what to do with. I have worked with corporate moguls, fledgling solopreneurs, and everyone in between. I can teach you what you need to know to remain compliant under GDPR without compromising your engagement. How to actually use GDPR to your advantage so you not only continue killing it in your business, but also get ahead of the competition who are still playing guessing games.

Jodi is a GDPR mastermind! Her breadth of knowledge on the subject is incomparable, and she has an incredible knack for being able to break down even the most complex pieces so that they make sense. She managed to make something I dreaded having to implement a total breeze. I now have a solid plan in place that I don’t have to second guess. Can’t recommend her enough!

Emma Collier

Story Coach, The Yes and Story

Thanks to Jodi’s super helpful and detailed videos I am getting clarity on what GDPR means for my business and what I have to do to get ready for it. 
Even though I thought it would be boring as can be, thanks to Jodi I am now familiar with the different aspects of GDPR and I even found myself explaining it to other business owners! 

Esther de Boer

Founder, ShootZilla

Consider this:

Do you want to be vague the next time a client asks you if you’re GDPR compliant?

Wouldn’t you rather have the confidence this investment in your business will give you to answer with the resounding YES they need to choose you without a second thought?