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The Cookieless Future of Digital Marketing

Cookies created modern digital marketing. Are they going to kill it? Cookies: A Primer Cookies are small, randomly encoded text files containing small amounts of data that can be used to identify your computer to different networks as you browse the internet. Originally created to simplify the browsing experience, cookies stored information about a site […]

What Is Data Lineage?

From Odysseus to Wonder Woman, every hero has an origin story. Whether they are about orphans or gods, unwilling champions or those born into greatness, origin stories are compelling narratives that position the protagonist in the world. They give the audience an understanding of who the main character is, why events are significant to them, […]

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Data Privacy & ESG

By now, you’ve likely heard talk about how important good data privacy practices are in today’s business environment. But it can be a lot of work to keep up with all the legislative changes guiding data security and management when you are also trying to grow your business, launch new products or services, or overhaul […]

Get a Privacy Guru Without Breaking the Bank

New data privacy laws like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) require many companies to have a dedicated data privacy officer overseeing their data collection and processing program.  Separate but related, the global shift towards cloud computing has increased the need for elite cybersecurity teams to build a cybersecurity program capable of withstanding […]

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6 Important Data Privacy Questions You Need To Be Asking

Data privacy. It’s quickly turning into the business world’s buzziest buzzword. With privacy regulations becoming both more common and more robust, and consumers increasingly expecting more control over their personal information, you don’t have any time to waste in building your privacy program. After all, data privacy is complicated. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, confused, […]

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Who Is Responsible For Data Privacy?

Famed basketball coach Phil Jackson once said, “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”  Jackson has more NBA titles than any other NBA coach, the highest winning percentage of any Hall of Fame Coach, and is the only coach in any professional American sport to […]

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Privacy vs. Security

What is the difference between privacy and security? Good question! If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. These two issues are related—but they’re not exactly the same. Curiosity piqued? Allow us to explain. Two sides of the same data governance coin Most people use privacy and security interchangeably when they talk about data. Because they […]

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Do I Need a Cookie Consent Banner?

Cookie banners. Let’s talk about them. They’ve been hanging around websites since 1994. (Basically, Stone Age digital technology.) Just think, how many cookie banners have you clicked past in your digital life without a second thought? (A lot, probably.) It’s enough to make a business owner or marketing professional wonder: do I really need a […]


CCPA Best Practices

What if we told you that there was something that you could do that would: Build better relationships with your customers Protect your business Get you on the right side of data privacy laws and regulations Was totally achievable regardless of how big or busy your business is AND Would take your mind off of […]