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The Complete 2021 Privacy Compliance Checklist

Maybe you’re ahead of the pack when it comes to privacy, keeping your privacy policy and data inventory in shipshape. In that case, we salute you! (But you probably also know that privacy compliance obligations are a moving target and you keep planning for the future.) But for the lot of you working hard at […]

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What Email Marketers Need To Know About Marketing Privacy Laws

If you’re in marketing, email is probably one of your love languages. It’s a major channel of communication, after all.   But email marketers need to know more about click-through rates and optimizing graphic design for mobile. Marketing privacy laws are setting the tone for consumer expectations in the 2020s.  In other words, how you approach […]

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Cookie Consent Across Europe

An international tour of cookies? Sounds delightful after this long year. We’re thinking: palmiers from France, Polish torunskie pierniki, Brazilian sequilhos, and kourabiedes from Greece.  Wait, that’s from the baking blog, not the privacy one.  But it’s important to talk about the other type of cookies from this perspective, too. While the EU’s General Data […]

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Do I Need a Cookie Consent Banner?

Cookie banners. Let’s talk about them. They’ve been hanging around websites since 1994. (Basically, Stone Age digital technology.) Just think, how many cookie banners have you clicked past in your digital life without a second thought? (A lot, probably.) It’s enough to make a business owner or marketing professional wonder: do I really need a […]


CCPA Best Practices

What if we told you that there was something that you could do that would: Build better relationships with your customers Protect your business Get you on the right side of data privacy laws and regulations Was totally achievable regardless of how big or busy your business is AND Would take your mind off of […]

Risky Business: 2020, Cybersecurity, And 8 Things You Can Do To Make Things Easier

I’ve got a proposal: let’s not talk about how turbulent 2020 has been. Instead, let’s talk about the ways that we can make the rest of the year better, safer, more manageable for everyone. Since it’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, of course, we’re thinking about improvements in that context.   Turbulent times, after all, have a way […]

Vendor Management Guide: How to Create Your Process

Let’s talk about vendors: the good, the bad, and the complicated.  If you’re reading this page, you probably use them. You probably have thought long and hard about how they can expand your business services, streamline your operations, and make you more competitive.   High five! You should be thinking about those things. But those issues […]

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What Does My Privacy Notice Need To Include For CCPA?

When privacy policies make it into the news, it’s rarely because people are raving about them. Bad privacy policies are talked about, lambasted for being incomprehensible, unfriendly, and, frankly, unreadable. (Just take a look at The New York Times’ “We Read 150 Privacy Policies. They Were an Incomprehensible Disaster” to see just how excruciatingly unreadable […]

What is the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA)?

You’ve made sure you’re complying with GDPR. Everything is taken care of for CCPA. That’s great!  Now what about CPRA? Wait, you might be saying, you just said that – you mean CCPA. And I’m squared away, thank you very much. Not the case. While the California Consumer Privacy Act has just become enforceable as […]

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CCPA is Now Enforced, What Does My Company Need To Do?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has been on the horizon for a long time. It was passed on June 28, 2018, but the lead time on finalization and enforcement has been a slow road.  However, the wait is over – enforcement has become enforceable as of 2020. (Yes, it’s been in effect since January […]