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Third-Party Risk Management

Oldest children around the world often bond over a specific shared memory.  The parents are gone, they’re in charge, and their younger siblings sneak off to the basement to watch the new, scary movie that just dropped. The normally responsible older sibling doesn’t notice because everyone is quiet and they have some very important things […]

Pencils & Erasers: How Trust Is Leading the Privacy Conversation

“Everyone makes mistakes. That’s why pencils have erasers.” It’s a pretty common saying, and while it’s not wrong, it leaves out one important fact.  Erasers are much smaller than pencils. Only so many errors can be rubbed away before the second chances run out. When it comes to data privacy, trust is like an eraser. […]

Introducing the Newcomer to the Data Party

There’s a party, and you’re invited! “Who’s coming?” you ask. Well, we don’t really know. “Who’s throwing it?” you say. Kind of no one. “Umm . . . I’m confused. Is this actually a party?” you respond. It is! It's a zero-party data party. Let us explain. What is “zero-party data” in the first place? […]

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What Is Data Minimization?

Do you remember going to your grandparents’ house as a kid and pulling out a kitchen drawer jam-packed with expired mayonnaise and ketchup packets from a dozen different restaurants? Or opening a closet door . . . and having hundreds of gift bags fall on your head? Tripping over stacks of newspapers with half-finished crossword […]

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What Are Data Clean Rooms?

The famous organizational theorist and management consultant Geoffrey Moore once said, “Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway.” Consumer data is the lifeblood of our modern, digitized economy. It drives product life cycles, feeds marketing campaigns, and improves customer experiences across every industry and every country.  There […]


Privacy Considerations During Mergers & Acquisitions

Ever since the East India Company and the English Company Trading to the East Indies (so original, right?) merged in 1708, companies have been joining forces and buying each other out in an attempt to increase their hold on their market of choice. During the 20th century, a lack of regulations regarding mergers and acquisitions […]


Top Privacy Resources (But You Don’t Have to Take Our Word for It)

The best online resources for reading and learning about data privacy If you grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, chances are high that you have a soft spot for LeVar Burton. Before the internet put the world at our fingertips, Burton and his PBS show Reading Rainbow exposed children in classrooms across the country […]

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What Is Included in a Privacy Risk Assessment?

Every action and adventure movie in the history of movies has a scene that looks like this: IN SECRET LAIR — NIGHT Hilariously funny computer-nerd sidekick with crushing social anxiety is talking with an uber-suave, secret super-agent about taking down moles in the government intent on destroying society as we know it. Sidekick: Wait a […]