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How to Prepare for CPRA

Stay ahead of the compliance curve by proactively prepping for the California Privacy Rights Act.  In 2018, the European Union passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), proving to businesses around the world that consumers are not going to stop demanding increased privacy rights. Before the ink was even dry on the California Consumer Privacy […]

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Managing Marketing Challenges While Protecting Data

It may sound counterintuitive, but smart data privacy practices can make both traditional and digital marketing programs more efficient. The rise of e-commerce and social media has forever changed the global economy, and while governments have continually dictated and adapted statutes regarding physical trade, they have only recently begun regulating the collection and use of […]

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How Service & Software Go Together When It Comes To Privacy

Privacy compliance is a long road. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone. Privacy management software can help you set up a robust privacy program. But without a privacy expert, you will be driving blind. If privacy laws had a relationship status, it would be “It’s complicated” If you’re reading this article, chances are […]

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How to Protect Against Ransomware: Five Ways to Safeguard Your Business

In 17th and 18th century England, highwaymen—thieves who traveled and robbed on horseback—concealed themselves along wooded sections of major roads leading out of London, waiting for the chance to stop vulnerable travelers in stagecoaches and carriages with a loud “Stand and deliver.”  This was code for “handover your jewelry, purse, money, weapons, and whatever else […]

10 Privacy Steps for SaaS Companies

Software as a service is vital for businesses, but so is privacy and data security. SaaS providers must deliver for their customers or risk a dangerous credibility gap, plus data breaches, fines, fees, and everything else that goes along with compliance failures. Where does a SaaS start protecting their business and their customers? They start […]

CPRA Passed: What Does That Mean for Your Privacy Program?

While votes are still being tabulating for The Big Question of the election, you can count on one measure: California has passed the California Privacy Rights and Enforcement Act (CPRA). I know, you might feel that you were just getting into the swing of the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). Now you have a new […]

Vendor Management Guide: How to Create Your Process

Let’s talk about vendors.  If you’re reading this page, you probably use them. You know they can expand your business services, streamline your operations, and make you more competitive.   But do you also know that they can also put your business at risk for a data breach and keep you from being compliant with privacy […]